For Japan: Love and a poem

my-favourite-poem-of-all-timeThis is my favourite poem and it is written by a Japanese poet. I just want to acknowledge the huge tragedy that has befallen the Japanese people and send them our greatest love and greatest compassion in this exceptionally sad time.

This poem resonates with me because sometimes I feel like I am always trying (but never quite getting there). I thought I would share it with you because maybe you feel like that too?

I Am Completely Different

I am completely different.

Though I am wearing the same tie as yesterday,

Am as poor as yesterday,

As good for nothing as yesterday,


I am completely different.

Though I am wearing the same clothes as yesterday,

Am as drunk as yesterday,

Living as clumsily as yesterday, nevertheless,


I am completely different.

Ah …

I patiently close my eyes

On all the grins and smirks

On all the twisted smiles and horse laughs …

And glimpse then, inside me

One beautiful white butterfly

Fluttering towards tomorrow.

– Kuroda Saburo

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