I have a confession

i-have-a-confessionI am in love with another man.

We haven’t met yet but I know we’re going to get along great.

Sure, this sounds crazy but the truth is, I fall in love all the time.

First it was MacGyver. I am pretty sure I was Richard Dean Anderson’s youngest fan and I was devoted.

Then it was Sir David Attenborough (you’re getting that I am not so good with the age-appropriate thing). To this day, I am still completely besotted by this man’s documentarian genius.

Of late, I have been weaning myself off a major crush on David Sedaris. So he’s gay and he lives in the USA … so what? I have read everything he’s ever written and I am a junkie for his particular brand of observational humour. Don’t even get me started on Dylan Moran. That man is the epitome of everything I love about having a brain and a fully functioning liver.

Which brings me to my new love interest. Our first meeting was in a second-hand book shop. I’d heard good things so I bought a little piece of his heart (The Lost Continent) for $12.

Bill Bryson, I think I love you. You are officially my favourite travel writer of all time.


Tell me Dearest Ones, who is your favourite travel writer? And why do you love them so?

2 comments on “I have a confession

  1. Paul Theroux. Dark Star Safari. Being shot at while trying to fix a flat tyre in the desert in Africa – was in Kenya exactly one month after reading 🙂

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