Random fun: How good are you at picking accents?

random-fun-how-good-are-you-at-picking-accentsI reckon I have a pretty good ear for accents.

The second I hear ‘aboot’, I know you’re from Canada (or you watched too much De Grassi Junior High).

When I hear ‘dahhhnce’ and ‘plaaaaants’ and I know you’re from Adelaide and by association, love to drink. That state should be called SAA.

An Irish lilt makes everything you say seem funnier, an upper crust English accent will result in me having a crush on you (hello Nigella) and the second I hear a kiwi, I have to suppress the urge to say ‘eh bro, put yer beer un the chully bun’.

Think you can pick an accent from a thousand paces? Give this game a go: http://www.languagetrainersgroup.com/accent_game.html

It’s harder than you think!

Special thanks go to Mel M for sending through today’s random fun.

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3 comments on “Random fun: How good are you at picking accents?

  1. Yeah I love the ‘Pick the accent’ game!
    ..but it seems i thought i was better at it than I am
    I was 4 from 4 but then I fell off the rails
    I only got 18 points

  2. I am terrible, have been known to ask people when travelling “Are you Australian?”. I genuinely can’t tell.

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