iPod, iPad, Kindle or paperback?

How do you watch, listen and read when you’re travelling?

Do you need your iPod to block the after effects of 50 Shades of Grey?

Have you embraced the iPad? Or are you an iPod traveller, using those handy white plugs to block out everything from traffic noise to girl-next-door coitus?

I’ve always been a die-hard paperback girl, loading up half of my luggage allowance with a stockpile of reading material. I’m also a big fan of the glossy magazine while on holidays – nothing says ‘fiscal escapism’ quite as loudly as Vogue. Now where did I put my $4000 Balenciaga suede bikini …

I have recently bought an iPad 3 so I am planning to take that to Kangaroo Island this weekend to test out it’s blogging capabilities for the launch of Jetstar’s new Hooroo site. Stay tuned as Ms Mahoney (aka The Literate Chicken) and I comb the beaches and scour the bars for the best that this southern island paradise has to offer.

What kind of traveller are you? Techie or traditional; reader or voyeur?

5 comments on “iPod, iPad, Kindle or paperback?

  1. When it comes to travelling I’m a simple paperback girl, as often holidays are the only times I get to read books anymore. Of course on the plane I’ll watch whatever entertainment is on offer. The ipod comes out on buses, trains etc.
    I’ve yet to embrace the kindle or ipad or other tablet device largely because of the cost of buying one. Plus I always forget to charge my ipod so I think I’d be terrible with a larger device.
    As for what kind of entertainment type I am, I would have to say a Been There Done That. I watch way too many movies and TV shows to fall into any other category.

  2. hey em, iPad and Kindle all the way. envious of your new iPad (the new high resolution is actually meant to be even better for reading). ps. if you are considering lots of typing, i’d recommend getting a cheap, light bluetooth keyboard (i got one this week), after realising at a microsoft event that there was no way i was going to be able to write an actual story on a touchscreen, altho i realise other people seem to be able to do it…

  3. I second PD’s comment on getting a keyboard – you definitely need one if you’re thinking of using an iPad for any word processing-type activities, from my experience.

  4. iPad and iPhone all the way pre loaded with movies and TV shows. I usually convert my own shows and transfer them to the iDevices as .mp4 format videos. 2yo usually likes the iPad and dad and mum have the iPhone.

  5. I’m normally a diehard book and magazine girl, but I took my ipad on my recent trip and I’m converted. I even managed to blog on the go, which I had never done before (thank you instagram, for making my dodgy photos look decent enough to blog since I couldn’t edit them in photoshop). That said, I didn’t use any of my devices on the plane; I just read or watched in-flight movies. Very relaxing.

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