Sponsored post: Why I love Qantas

Between union disputes, social media disasters and increased fuel prices, poor old Qantas has taken a beating recently.

Qantas is an Australian icon that I am proud of (unlike Lara Bingle and Shane Warne)

But you know what? I still love ’em. Here’s why:

  • The Neil Perry menu in Business Class and Premium Economy is excellent. The salad tastes fresh and the dressing is olive oil and balsamic vinegar; not some weird synthetic crap
  • The Qantas Lounge is classy but also fun (as is the Australian wine selection)
  • Their inflight mag – Qantas: The Australian Way – is very well-written. They employ some of Australia’s top freelancers to write their travel features (anyone supporting good writers has my support)
  • Most of their international flights have faultless inflight entertainment systems (except for the old rattlers they put on the Sydney – Honolulu route. My advice – take a book!)
  • Their staff may be older and less glamourous than some of their competitors but dammit, they have a sense of humour, they are exceptionally hospitable and they make me feel right at home with their Australian accents

When a Qantas rep contacted me to ask me to promote their new ad campaign titled You’re The Reason We Fly, I thought, ‘Hey, why not?’. After all, I have been defending Qantas on Twitter for ages, have worked with some of their Comms staff (ultra-professional women) and in a totally new step, joined their Frequent Flyer program earlier today.

Check out their new campaign – that involves adding an ‘ns’ to their tagline, ‘Spirit of Australia’:

Do you like Qantas? Are you loyal to a particular airline? Or are you price driven?

4 comments on “Sponsored post: Why I love Qantas

  1. I’ve avoided all things Qantas and Jetstar since I was left stranded by them a few years ago. I frequently pay more to fly with other airlines rather than risk being left high and dry again.

  2. I also enjoy Qantas – as someone who once travelled for work every month, it was nice that I could rely on their planes actually flying at their planned time.

    As someone who’s only ever travelled in economy, however, I’ll have to take your word on the fancy food and Qantas lounge (sob!).

  3. I used to be a loyal frequent flyer on Qantas and knew many staff on the Hawaii and US routes, but as Qantas’ management imposed ridiculous restraints on the airline and many of those great staff took their parachutes and ejected, it took one sad incident to have me bail out too. I refuse to fly DeathStar on principle and only fly Qantas to burn off frequent flyer points. I’ve been hoping for years that it would turn around but it just seems to be spiralling in a plunge that it may not get out of.

    Miracles happen, hope it does with them as they have the potential to be a great airline again (it’s happened with others in a dive).

    My two pesos worth.

  4. Great post Em. Would love to re-blog this.

    QANTAS have for a long time been my favourite airline across the board. Their service is exceptional, their planes are state of the art, I love the entertainment system, and as you say, they make you feel at home. QANTAS is the best airline to fly when one has been away for a long time from Australia – I still call Australia home.

    Frequent flyer program is a must and I’m so happy you have joined this missy!

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