Japanese love affair

You know when you first fall in love with someone and all you see is similarities between you and your beloved? It’s like that with me and Japan. Every day I discover new things we have in common.

Oh you’re a coffee addict too? You like weird craft? You’re not really into gluten and lactose either? So many things to love!

Women can wear whatever the hell they want (short skirts are everywhere), women drink alcohol and absolutely no one stares at you or tries to sell you things.

Japanese people are beyond helpful, humble and seem genuinely friendly; none of that scary smiling face/cold eyes you see in other countries.

Everything is beautiful – from the way meals are presented to the finest detail in furnishings. I saw a nail cover (a piece of metal that goes over the end of a nail in timber) in the shape an ornate rabbit today.

Even Tokyo – one of the most populated cities in the world – is quiet, orderly and clean, proving that it’s possible to live with grace and elegance under any circumstances.

I am going into Kyoto tomorrow to check out some temples and stalk some meiko (aka geishas but you don’t call them that because it would be like calling a prima ballerina a hooker). Wish me luck on my sixth date with my new love: Japan.


3 comments on “Japanese love affair

  1. I like your choice of reading material there. In my mind Japanese people (especially young people) embrace new things while still respecting the old. It does sound lovely.

  2. I’m jealous, Em, but also glad you’re becoming (or are) a Japanophile. How are the cherry blossoms? Blooming? Send us a pic, pretty please? I got dressed up in an Okinawan kimono when I was there in February – maybe you’ll get your own kimono moment in Kyoto…

  3. I LOVE Japan too. I have been lucky enough to visit twice and planning another trip soon. Have fun in Kyoto, if your an Asahi fan, visit the Asahi bar. I think we went there everyday the entire time we were in Kyoto. Also good choice of reading material, love his novels and short stories 🙂

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