Josh Crouthamel

Josh on the boat

One of my all-time favourite people in the world is Josh Crouthamel. Josh Crouthamel

Why do I love him so? That’s an easy one … joie de vivre! 

He is like Tigger. After some red cordial. On a sunny day. And now he is sailing around the world on a boat full of university students and professors doing Semester at Sea.

Read about his adventures here.

Go on. You will love him too.







2 comments on “Josh on the boat

  1. Just as YOU are one of MY most favourite people! Thanks for the shout-out, gorgeous. Currently hugging the coast of South Africa and pointed towards Mauritius, so sailing ever closer to home. You’ve inspired me to update that ole blog, so thanking you muchly. Can’t wait for a catch-up! xxxx

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