jumpLooking over the edge of an open cargo dock at 10,000 feet, your mind empties. No thoughts. Just fear.

And then then you lift your knees, cross your arms over your chest and the instructor leans forward into nothingness.

Deafening wind and falling and more air than you can possibly inhale. You’re struggling to breathe and then the instructor pulls the rip cord and you are yanked upwards.

Then the floating. The freedom. The quiet. The endless horizons.

My instructor, as it turns out, is quite the chatterbox. He points out oil refineries, council depots, townships and freeways. I just want to float up there in silence forever. The closer I get to the ground, the more I wish I could delay landing. From up here, your life is tiny.

The ground rushes towards us and I pull up my knees to my chest and we skid along the ground to a surprisingly gentle stop.

This is one of my happiest moments. I jumped.

For further information about Sydney Skydivers, please visit http://www.sydneyskydivers.com.au/

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