Leaving Oman

I am in love with Oman; with the constant sunlight, the warmth, the stark rocky mountains that converge with the extra salty azure sea. The Islamic influence in every detail creates order, serenity and geometry at every turn.

The Islamic influence is in every detail

The palette of the entire nation is pure Vogue Living; sand, ochre, sage and white. Blue and green tiled domes with gilded edges peek out above a Casablanca set of bleached buildings and dark-eyed men in dish dashas.The food is a fusion of Indian and traditional Middle Eastern – every meal comes with lashings of fresh hommous, baba ganoush, pita bread and crunchy fattoush. Alcohol is only served in resorts, hotels and some bars so it’s easy to avoid temptation (and in this heat, it makes sense to stay sober-ish).I have to fly out at some ungodly hour this morning but I know I will be back. Sometimes when you leave a country, you know it’s for the last time (and you’re a little bit relieved). Other times you leave without sorrow or regret because you know it’s only temporary. Oman is part of me now – I will carry it with me always.



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