SheGoes 1st Birthday Party

shegoes-1st-birthday-partyDear *insert your own name here*,

You are invited to the SheGoes first birthday party on Thursday 23rd September, 2010.

It starts at 7pm and it’s in Sydney.

The problem I am currently facing is WHERE?

So, in the true spirit of community, I am asking you where you would most like to go. Most votes wins.

1. The Bavarian Bier Cafe in York St

2. Cafe Pacifico in Riley St

3. The International Nippon Club on Macquarie St

Please vote BAVARIA, MEXICO or JAPAN in the comments section below and I will make a booking. And put money on the bar tab. And in a mere 24 days, I will hug you all drunkenly while I rave on and on and on about how much I love you and how beautiful you are and how much I am so happy you came to the party and would you like another drink and did I tell you that I love you? Oh, I said that already? Well, I do. I really, really do.

17 comments on “SheGoes 1st Birthday Party

  1. Hola! I vote MEHICO!!!
    I would love to come along and celebrate this beautiful site’s birthday 🙂


    That place looks awesome. And surely it will be good preparation for honeymoon. I love that it’s Californian Mexican.

  3. Oooh they all sound great, wherever it ends up being count me in.
    But my vote is for Bavaria or Mexico.
    See you there.

  4. Ooh – I miss the party by a couple of weeks! Am sure it’ll be a blast.
    I’d vote for Japan though, that place is hella seedy in the best possible way, right down to the smoked glass mirrors.

  5. Oh how I long to bring my newly acquired authentic Mexican sombreros (from Acapulco, no less) to party with you in Sydney, but I have a big lunch engagement on 23rd (here in Melbourne) and was still hoping the party would be on 24th… xx

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