What makes you book?

I work in the travel industry and we spend a lot of time wondering what makes people book a trip.

For the right price, I would be saying Aloha to Hawaii

Is it the price? Is the package inclusions? Is it because they have to go to a wedding and they may as well extend their stay?

Who decides? And how do they decide?

For me, it’s all about the price of trips to places on my ‘must see’ list. This year, I am desperate to go to Japan so I am stalking deals on flights but if a really good deal came up for Turkey, Hawaii or (my old faithful) Thailand, I would be very tempted to book that instead.

How do you decide where to go? Do you book through a travel agent, book online or simply rock up and hope for the best? And how do you decide what to do when you get there?



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  1. I’ve booked overseas trips months in advance as well as completely at the last minute. Generally my motivation is the overwhelming desire to just get the hell away and stop dealing with whatever crises are happening at the time. My upcoming trip to Europe has been something I’ve been trying to plan for years but could never get the cash in order, things like changing jobs, moving, a wedding in America all got in the way until finally late last year I just jumped in and booked a tour and hoped for the best. With less than two weeks till I leave I’m still waiting for something unexpected to happen that may cause me to cancel, but I’m hopeful that this is me just being paranoid and that I’ll be seeing the sights in Paris and Rome very soon.
    I’ve planned parts of my holiday and done some research on particular places I really want to see, but I’m also leaving some of my time to chance and will just see what inspires me. When it comes to booking things I use both travel agents and online, it depends on the situation and location.

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