Where is the most romantic place you have ever been?

where-is-the-most-romantic-place-you-have-ever-beenThe Real Estate of Romance: Where is the most romantic place you have ever been?

I want to know!

And you know what makes a romantic place seem even more romantic? Wine … lots and lots of wine …

And guess what? The first 11 people to tell me their most romantic place will win a bottle of glorious wine from Little’s Winery in the Hunter Valley – http://www.littleswinery.com.au (OK, so there was a dozen bottles and The Future Husband and I drank one … oops …)

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16 comments on “Where is the most romantic place you have ever been?

  1. It wasn’t romantic Rome, or perfect Paris, or never-sleeping New York (although I have been lucky enough to go to all of those places) – but our very own humble Melbourne, place of lingering coffees down picturesque laneways, late nights in wine bars and passionate embraces overlooking the ocean at St Kilda. 3 days, 10 years ago = trip of a lifetime.

  2. Besides the fact that I was staying in fairly ordinary hostel accommodation, Chamonix in the french Alps in Winter blew me away. The amazing scenic train ride up into the mountains from Martigny, the cozy village atmosphere, old stone buildings and drinking mulled wine by the open fire…. Very Sexy Indeed!
    When I go back im gonna get that guy that looked like Santa Claus to take me round on all day on his horse drawn carriage 🙂

  3. fondly i remember watching my lovely girlfriend attempt to light a fire one cold wintry night a few years back in a log cabin in the blue mountains. the room got pretty smoky, and i don’t think it got very warm, but it was a better fire than i could have managed. thanks baby! we should head back there one of these days… (i’ll give it a go next time)

  4. That would be little-known, yet exquisite slice of landscape called the Hogsback, nestled on the border of the landlocked Ciskei protectorate in South Africa.
    My mom’s mates had a house up on the bluff of a mountain range (The Hogsback) which overlooked a valley so idyllic and verdant it inspired Tolkien’s Middle Earth landscape after he visited it. I was totally in love with my mum’s friends’ daughter, but 13 so nothing ever happened. But who cares when the clouds roll in below your eyesight and there are hobbits down there.

  5. For me it was winter staying at a cabin near Walwa NSW. It was so cold that the fireplace did not warm the room. So we relocated the mattress into the lounge area. We sipped on muscat and chatted till we fell asleep in front of the wood fire. One of my most grand memories. It was the same trip my girlfriend mistook a rock for a sheep…yeah I know!

  6. My most romantic place has to be (another cold place) Wanaka NZ with my husband on a ski trip. we had a gorgeous little apartment with a jacuzzi and the scenery around the NZ south island is just amazing. one of the best holidays i’ve ever been on and I can’t wait to do it again sometime in the distant future.

  7. qualia for my honeymoon blew me away. it really does not get more indulgent, exclusive or private than this amazing resort.

  8. Seville in Spain. It’s such a long time since I was there (almost 10 years) but I’ll never forget the amazing architecture and gorgeous little restaurants tucked away in the ancient alleys. And wishing I wasn’t there alone…

  9. Definitely on Santorini in Greece – starkly white buildings against the deep blue of the Aegean Sea – relaxing in flip flops, balmy evenings and watching the moon slowly ‘set’ from the top of the sky into the horizon. Not a care in the world.

  10. The deserted beaches north of Valparaiso on the west coast of Chile. I’m still tormented by a an afternoon spent with a girl called Lisette … we sipped iceblocks together, stared longingly at each other (well, I stared longingly at her) and waded through waters tha tonly had aminor taint of sewage.


  11. Guam, with its stunning beaches and crystal clear water the week I spent there was one of the best holidays I’ve ever had. The King-size bed and bath overlooking the ocean were a wonderful way to relax and rejuvenate the senses. It was just a shame I was there alone but I fully intend on returning with someone special someday.

  12. Viequez- a small island off of Puerto Rico. It has a stunning bioluminescent bay. After sun down, you can take a bus ride through the bushland (literally drives right through the bush!) with fireflies fluttering by, down to a small boat, where you are taken from shore (where basically no one lives anyways), free from city lights, in complete darkness with the exception of the stars above you, until you look down and notice the movement in the water makes it light up from the phospherence. It is stunning. Once in the middle of the bay, you jump right in and make glitter angels in the warm water. It is the most magical, romantic, amazing moment of your life- swimming in the middle of the night, in the middle of nowhere, under the stars, in a sheet of lights, revelling in the heart-warming moment with the one you love… Ahhhhhhh <3

  13. Without doubt the Ice Hotel in Jukkasjärvi, Sweden. My now husband took me there in late December two years ago to propose.
    The bone-dry cold takes your breath away and the light inside the huge igloo hotel is an incandescent blue.
    We slept on reindeer skins on a bed of ice and spent an afternoon riding on snow mobiles on a frozen lake under the full moon and the Northern Lights.
    The area takes you back to raw, powerful nature and the wonderful Ice Hotel construction makes you feel so humble.

  14. Romantic? Best place? It changes all the time – last week I was in Fiji (cruising with Captain Cook Cruises around the Yasawas) and swam in the divine lagoon that was featured in the old ‘Blue Lagoon’ movie and topping that was the ultimate romantic swim, without a partner, but with some travelling companions and a friend and swam in an amazing cave that we had to climb up the side of a cliff then enter – dive in a cool, clear water of an amazing colour as the sun from way up above the small opening filtered through – it was so beautiful. Who knows what will take its place next month?

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