Hi Everyone, Today’s post is a shout out to one of our wonderful contributors, Georgia Keighery. If you are tired of dealing with all the, er, nonsense of the modern workplace, this story might inspire a ‘Gardy-loo’ or two! Click here for a laugh:

Same Same, but Different


There once were some boys named Two Tims, Who went overseas on a whim, When they got there, The folks loved their hair, Those crazy young boys named Two Tims.   There is nothing quite like a limerick to start off your Monday right, right? Remember the Two Tims who were profiled in Travel Tales […]

Tipster Tuesday


Tipster Tuesday is back! Today’s question comes from one of our intrepid contributors. QUESTION: Does anyone have any recommendations for places/things to see/do in San Francisco and LA? – Melanie Note: Remember to write ‘Answer Melanie’ at the beginning of your comment. If you have a question, just write ‘Question’ at the beginning of your […]

I have a confession


I am in love with another man. We haven’t met yet but I know we’re going to get along great. Sure, this sounds crazy but the truth is, I fall in love all the time. First it was MacGyver. I am pretty sure I was Richard Dean Anderson’s youngest fan and I was devoted. Then it was Sir […]

Random fun: How good are you at picking accents?


I reckon I have a pretty good ear for accents. The second I hear ‘aboot’, I know you’re from Canada (or you watched too much De Grassi Junior High). When I hear ‘dahhhnce’ and ‘plaaaaants’ and I know you’re from Adelaide and by association, love to drink. That state should be called SAA. An Irish […]

Tipster Tuesday


In the true spirit of community, I bring you Tipster Tuesday! Got a question about a travel destination? If so, please post a comment at the end of this story and everyone … yes, that means you …  will attempt to answer everybody else’s questions throughout the week. But first, some housekeeping. When you ask […]

Hollywood Hobart on the Cold Coast

Hollywood Hobart on the Cold Coast By Maggie Videan This is the story I don’t want anyone to read. Please don’t visit. I would like to find Hobart the same; a quiet, mostly forgotten township oozing with mix of a historic charm and organic character. Unlike its sun bleached vacation rivals of the northern states, Hobart is best visited […]

Just wondering …

Where to next? What is your next travel destination? I am curious … The Future Husband and I are going to Melbourne next month to eat and drink and wander around looking wistful. In November, we’re planning to go to Cuba, Mexico and Guatemala for our honeymoon. And then later, I am dreaming of India and […]

Laura’s Word of the Week: Handschuhschneeballwerfer

‘Handschuhschneeballwerfer’ (German) literally means somebody who wears gloves to throw snowballs but is used in general to mean ‘coward’.

Off the beaten track in Ooty


Off the beaten track in Ooty By Maggie Videan Where did you say that was? Never heard of it? Possibly not! Ooty is a forgotten hill station located 2000 metres above sea level in the Nilgris in Southern India. Alive with industry, it has a delightful climate, friendly locals and a history harking back to British India. Ooty […]