Lara Nickson

Travel Tales: Lara Nickson

Name: Lara Nickson

Age: 30

Occupation: PR Manager

Favourite travel destination?: Cuba

Best meal you’ve ever had while travelling?: Too many to narrow down! But it’s hard to resist Nutella crepes in Paris.

Best kiss?: French… in Paris.

Best/scariest/funniest drive?: The drive from the hills in Sri Lanka to Tangalle is absolutely beautiful. The funniest was a taxi ride from Phnom Penh in Cambodia to the border of Thailand. In a Toyota Corolla with seven people in the car … flooded roads, mud slides, someone straddling the gear stick (sharing the seat with the driver). It was hilarious and exactly the random kind of experience that make travelling worth it!

Where is the best/weirdest/worst place you’ve ever stayed?: Stayed in some amazing places! Some of the more memorable ones …  a crappy hostel in Bolivia. The water was so cold (and it was already freezing), that I cried in the shower! A little hut on stilts in Thailand with water lapping up underneath us. Watching the stars and camping on the beach in Dubai.

What has been the big ‘wow’ moment of your travelling life?: Climbing Machu Picchu was amazing (especially when we spent no time acclimatising … woops!). The Great Wall of China was very special.

What is your number one travel tip?: Go with an open mind and heart.

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