Travel Tales: Lorraine Elliott aka NotQuiteNigella

Name: Lorraine Elliott

Occupation: Food Blogger and publisher of www.notquitenigella.com

Favourite travel destination? That’s a tough one. I loved Phuket, Finland and New Zealand but for different reasons. Phuket because we stayed at a fabulous resort that arranged for a lot of fun activities for us, Finland because of the complete novelty of a country so unlike Australia and New Zealand because of the breathtaking scenery and friendly people.

Worst travel experience? The start of our honeymoon to Mana Island, Fiji.

What happened? I caught a ferocious stomach bug and was about to go through customs when threw up in the bin there. The honeymoon was put off for three days.

Best tips for beating jetlag? No alcohol, a Virgin Mary with my meal (ok, that might not be for jetlag, I just like them), lots of water, bring own earplugs, own sleep mask (the plastic-ky ones that they give you make your eyes even puffier) and your own blanket/pashmima to help you sleep as much on the plane as you can.

What is the one thing you don’t leave home without? Moisturiser

Best meal you’ve ever had while travelling? That’s hard as I travel to eat! Our meal at Petrus in London probably? A sublime meal involving lots of courses, all exquisitely done. Even the canapes at the beginning were works of art

Best/scariest/funniest drive? Any drive involving me at the wheel involves an amount of danger. I went for a drive in a Prius with Neal Bates (rally car champion). That was rather fun.

What has been the big WOW moment of your travelling life? Arriving in New York. It’s amazing to be standing in a place where so many movies and TV shows have been made.

What has taken your breath away? Rowing a boat up and down the lakes in the Finnish countryside and staying in my husband’s uncle’s log cabin.

To find out more about Lorraine’s extraodinary adventures, please visit www.notquitenigella.com

8 comments on “Travel Tales: Lorraine Elliott aka NotQuiteNigella

  1. New Zealand and New York are defintiely on my must see list. Loved your food- related stories from NZ Lorraine. And congrats Emma on your blog

  2. Thanks so much Sandra! It’s such a fun process putting everything together. All feedback very welcome as I still so new to this.

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