Travel Tales: Michelle Tan

Name: Michelle Tan

Age: Old enough to know better (but young enough to do it anyway)

Occupation: PR practitioner

Favourite travel destination? New York

Why? Fell in love with the energy there.

Best tips for beating jetlag? If you are going to sleep, sleep all the way through the next day, but if you can, ride it out and collapse at the next sleep time of your destination.

What is the one thing you don’t leave home without? Two things – money clip and paw paw cream (miracle stuff).

Do you stay in touch with people while you’re travelling? Yes, by facebook/ email. My phone didn’t work in South America.

Best meal you’ve ever had while travelling? French cheese, pate & fresh baguette from a market in the south of France.

Best kiss? Each one was special in their own way.

Best/scariest/funniest drive? Definitely in Colombia, when the driver took multi-tasking to new levels: driving, reading the papers, talking on his mobile phone and talking to the person next to him whilst overtaking on blind corners around treacherous mountain roads. The nun in the bus with us kept making the sign of the cross. I’ve never seen anyone move so fast when the bus finally arrived at our destination.

What has been the big WOW moment of your travelling life? Jumping into the freezing crystal clear waters of Lake Titicaca. That literally took my breath away – it was crushed right out of my lungs because the water was so icy cold.

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  1. A big thank you to mi amigo Ryan Hinrichsen for capturing my time in Colombia with the great shots he took – like that awesome one in centro, Bogota in She Goes’ home page. Tip to all travellers – travel with someone who’s a good photographer. Then you’ll have amazing shots of your trip – with you in it.

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