Radelaide: Get on it

Cambodian Space Project

It’s funny that people think that Adelaide is somehow less fun than Sydney or Melbourne. I mean, they make wine there. LIKE WIZARDS. I went on a little Barossa adventure about two years ago and got messed up in the best possible way. Two words: winemaker dinner. If you make friends in the wine regions […]

Lord Howe love-in

Lord Howe

Peace, perfect peace; a quietness of heart, a lightness of being. That’s how I felt after five days at Lord Howe Island. Many factors contributed to this sense of wellbeing. Travelling with a beloved friend, lucky sunshine in a week of ‘possible showers’, the kindness of our hosts Dani and Luke from Pinetrees Lodge and […]

Hunter Food Fight

Food Fight

By Tim White Something I love about working in the wine industry is the support given to junior winemakers. It’s common for up-and-comers  to receive advice from senior winemaker, as well as everyone else in the region. The Hunter Valley goes one step further. There are formal groups for young winemakers and places for young winemakers […]

Northern Territory


Last Saturday I was sitting in the Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault module of my Lifeline counselling course (a bummer but a necessary one) and up on the screen, there was a slideshow of photos playing while the presenters were organising their talks. The photos belonged to Ena, the utterly adorable Fairy Godmother woman who […]

The Diamant Hotel and TEDx Sydney 2013

The Diamant Hotel, Potts Point

Being selected to be in the audience at TEDx Sydney 2013 rocked my world but presented some logistical challenges. I live in Tamworth. TEDx was in Sydney. I subsequently planned a mental couple of days catching up with friends and attending the conference, all with a nightmarish Greyhound commute thrown in. It was exhausting to even think about. […]

I want a mini horse

Mini horse

I am currently obsessed with miniature horses. I had a full scale quarterhorse in my backyard earlier this week. I fell completely in love with it but it’s not practical for me to have a big one. Hell, it’s not practical for me to have a small one either but I WANT ONE SO BADLY. I found one on […]

East Hotel, Canberra

East Hotel

I am a little bit in love. We only just met but I think it’s going to be quite the affair. The first thing I noticed was the Nespresso machine in Room 523. ‘You’re a caffeine addict too, Mr East?’, I wonder. Then I see the furnishings; the teal, mustard, grey and blue colour scheme, the framed […]

Human Brochure

Canberra weekend

I just got back from a totally kick ass weekend in Canberra. Yes folks – CANBERRA. The Australian Capital Tourism board came up with this thing called The Human Brochure where they invited a bunch of social media influencers down for a weekend of non-stop good times in one of four streams; Family Fun, Food and Wine, […]

The Great Ocean Road

They don’t call it ‘great’ for nothing. While countless travellers think of it merely as a long stretch of road that links attractions, the Great Ocean Road is actually the term for the entire coastal region between the Bellarine Peninsula and Portland. More than 243 kilometres make up the Great Ocean Road, and there really is no […]

Tamworth Country Music Festival

I'm on a bull

Holy hootenanny! How different things can be when you’re the legal drinking age and the Tamworth City Council makes some intelligent organisational changes. I grew up in Tamworth and, like most other residents, feared the annual Country Music Festival. Toothless hillbillies would descend upon the town and blast tuneless noise at ever increasing volumes. The […]